Friday, December 10, 2010

Why LED Group buy?

I've made this site for one major reason.

To bring LEDs to the general public at an affordable price!! No more $8+ LEDs.

But why would I want you to use LEDs?

Mainly because they are ridiculously more energy efficient than all other lighting. You not only save the planet but you also save money in energy bills.  You also wont need to change an LED for 10 years.

All of the LEDs ill be offering on group buys are very efficient high output that can be used to light up rooms, grow plants, and aquariums. These are not your cheap china made LEDs, these are high end CREE LEDs. Be warned though, do not just plug these LEDs in, you need heatsinks to keep them cool otherwise because of how much light they can emit, they will get hot and go boom!

So how does it work?
I have contacts in the industry with manufacturers that will give large quantity prices. I leverage these contacts and ask them to give us $$$$ off the already discounted prices if we buy in bulk.  I need to order thousands of LEDs at a time for them to pump them out of there manufacturing houses. The idea is that if we gather people around the internet, we can make one mass order and get everyone LEDs at very very very low prices.

Do I make money?
Im not here to make money but I do make a small % to cover the cost of pay pal charges, and software charges. Im really just gathering the power of the internet to acquire a ridiculously good price on LEDs so we can all reduce our costs and save the environment.  So you can say I save money with your help.

You have questions?  Or want to know if they work for your application? Just ask them on the comments section and ill do my best to give you good advice.

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